Homo Sapiens   x   Aeon 

           인류                            영겁


SAPEON is a compound word of "SAPiens," which means mankind, and aEON, which means eternal time, expressing our willingness to continue to provide the benefits of AI semiconductor-based Artificial Intelligence innovation to mankind.


We make AI happen

Our start-up mindset with the strength of our parent company, SK telecom, makes a great combination to be a global leading AI Computing company. SAPEON Enables Next-Generation AI Computing for Everyone. We clear a hurdle in AI with our technology and help clients to expand their world. In the end, we aim to provide universal AI services to everyone. 

SAPEON is the future technology that serves the vision of a happier, more enriched humanity.


We aim to provide universal AI services to everyone.

The future technology serves the vision of a happier, more enriched humanity.

Our Value

Since we always consider the impact of our every actions, we always pursue sustainable solution.

We make AI easier, cost effective and efficient for mankind, and for our planet.
Here's what we stand for. 

We always think about the impact of our actions.  That's why we always pursue sustainable solutions.

Above & Beyond

Those who can't change their minds can't change anything. We go above and beyond with creativity and innovation.

People Oriented

We believe in the power of people. Team SAPEON is our priority.

Executional Excellence

We pursue executional SUPer Excell-ence. Not only we aim excellent goals, but we always act on it to make it happen.

Opportunity for Everyone

We make AI easier, cost-effective, and efficient. We clear a hurdle in AI with our technology and help clients expand their work.

Net Zero

We firmly believe that the fight against climate change should be fundamental for the future. We help our clients on their journey to net zero.

Corporate Identity

Our corporate identity stands for 



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Meet Our Leadership Team

Soojung Ryu

Chief Executive Officer

As a well-known expert in AI processor, Ryu is in charge of SAPEON in order to accelerate the company’s growth in the global AI market. She brings more than 25 years of extensive experience in leading various projects related to NPU and GPU.

Before she joined SK Telecom as the head of the AI accelerator office, Ryu was a University-Industry Collaboration Professor at Seoul National University, where she conducted R&D in the NPU and PIM. When she served as the Vice President of Samsung Group's R&D hub, she undertook diverse projects related to GPU. Ryu received her Ph.D. degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.


Mookyoung Chung

Head of R&D

With great R&D background, Chung has more than 25 years of technology experience. He is responsible for managing our R&D department and driving its technology strategy forward, bringing groundbreaking products and services to market.

Before he joined SAPEON, Chung led various projects related to NPU for datacenter purposes as a vice president of SK telecom. While he worked at SAMSUNG Advanced Institute of Technology, Chung conducted multiple projects on computer architecture design including DSP and GPU. He received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from KAIST.


Jay I. Kim

Head of Biz&Strategy

A dynamic strategist and business developer with proven expertise in building businesses. With experience in various industrial fields of the semiconductor, he is expected to broaden opportunities for the company’s business growth. Before he joined SAPEON, he was leading SOC marketing team by driving requirements, product roadmaps, outbound communications, and business development at Samsung Electronics and Texas Instruments respectively. He was in charge of P/L management, business strategy with go-2-market execution, product marketing, planning in SOC business associated with the mobile, telecom, wearable, automotive, and server.


​TJ Kim

Vice President, Business Development & Sales

Highly accomplished Sales & Marketing professional with 22 years of experience in the RFID, Semiconductor, Automotive, and Server industries. With board experience in the business and software application market holding roles across marketing, sales, product and business development, TJ is in charge of Business Development and Sales in SAPEON Inc. 

Prior to SAPEON, dealing with global No. 1 mobile companies and top-tier Automotive Companies as clients, he has rich experience in mass production of global mobile handset(ISP, AP, MMP) at MtekVision, fabless SoC Semiconductor company. After he joined Supermicro, he was leading business department, handling large complex IT sales cycle, cloud computing, hyper-convergence, AI and big data storage projects.


We are always looking for talented people to join our growing team, team SAPEON.