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Future is


AI everywhere, SAPEON everywhere

One tiny spark for the chip
a quantum leap for 

AI inference

SAPEON designs Hyper-cloud AI processors complete with full-stack AI solutions, offering world class performance and enhanced power efficiency

Purpose-built for AI inference acceleration in data center.
SAPEON was born to meet needs for cloud AI inference. SAPEON supports faster deep learning computation specialized in inferencing with the novel reduced precision.
Higher performance, Higher power efficiency.
By solely focusing on inference computation, SAPEON gives high performance and higher-power efficiency. Our high computing density, small on-chip memory, and flexibility to run various AI algorithm with high efficiency enables SAPEON's state-of-the-art performance. 
We offer across-the-board vertical solution.
For ultimate client experience, we serve across-the-board vertical solution beyond chip. And we have been successfully adapted our service to customer's AI infra and made meaningful use cases across the market.

Demonstrated similar or superior performance

compared to the GPU with similar power requirements.

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