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SAPEON’s tech frontier:
Pioneering AI solutions

Proven technology across various commercial applications, offering faster AI/DL processing with enhanced power-cost efficiency. Available as chip, card, server and serving platform, it serves as an integrated hardware-software solution for ‘Cloud AI as a Service’ in data centers.


SAPEON product line up - chip


SAPEON product line up - server

Serving platform

SAPEON product line up - serving platform


SAPEON product line up - card

State-of-the-art-AI tech

Engineered to surpass market expectations, our technology and architecture set new standards in inference performance.

Enhanced power-cost efficiency

Delivering superior AI inference with market-leading efficiency, setting us apart from competitors.

Field-proven performance

Powering diverse AI applications with a track record of performance and cost-efficiency.

R&D excellence

More than 95% of our R&D team have advanced degrees, driving innovation toward our ambitious SUPEX goals.

Discover the X330: Unleashing next-level AI capabilities, designed to excel scale with exceptional efficiency and speed.


Experience the X220: Optimized AI processing for highly efficient, large-scale artificial intelligence tasks within data centers and the cloud

SAPEON software

Unlock seamless AI development with SAPEON’s full stack software. Experience Zero-touch™ AI integration for effortless innovation.

Product Roadmap



AI inference



X300 Edge*

X300 Auto*

AI inference

Edge AI inference

ISO26262 certified IP for AI inference



​AI inference

HBM chiplet

*Note: ‘Rebranding Name’ subject to finalization by early 2024.
Product details and roadmaps may change without notice.


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